Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Truth About Dating, Love & Just Being Friends...

"I was looking online at some incredible photos of some of nature's most scenic places.  A ."waterfall in Africa, the ocean vie in the morning, peaks of mountains at sunset, lovey dove, blah, blah,blah, neato pictures, right?  But after a little while, I kind of felt deceived.  Here's why.  One of those picures was of a place that I had actually been to...So up on this mountain ridge, it was great.  Amazing views!  Unbelievable scenery!  And I'm glad I did it.  But seriously - and I'm not kidding here - it was some of the grossest and nastiest back country you could ever step foot in...The pictures look great... But in reality it was one of the most unnerving places that planet Earth could offer you...Dating can be like one of those pictures.  It can be great.  It can offer great views, a fun journey, and great memories.  But if done without care, intelligenc, and planning, it can also be treacherous."
And so it goes throughout Chad Eastham's book entitled "The Truth About Dating, Love & Just Being Friends."  In his conversational, witty style, Eastham covers the good, bad and ugly about relationships for teens.  It is salt and peppered with references to God, with no real Scripture mixed in and so would be a great read for those who are non-Christians and Christians alike.  Case in point, "It's good to be aware of other people and how they see us.  But it's not good to live our lives for them.  There is a huge difference.  I hope you will consider God the person that you perform and live your life for.  He is there to encourage you, not simply give you a score.  He's your number one fan."  - page 166.
 As a Jesus-following parent, I would probably select a different book on the subject of love and dating when my children get to 'that' age.

I received this book free from Tommy Nelson Publishers as part of their Booksneeze Book Review program.  I was not paid to write a favorable review.

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