Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sweet Blessings...

I am continually amazed at God's loving faithfulness toward His children... toward Me- yes, sinful, selfish little ol' Me.  Sometimes He chooses to show His love for me via His Holy Spirit but more often than not He chooses to use random people in my life to bestow His wonderful blessings.  Today was just such a day... it was cleaning day at Mother's so the morning was a flurry of activity as I rushed to get everything finished so I could be home before my dear husband had to go to work this afternoon.  When I came in, Jon was sitting at the table looking over the latest plans he and Jacob D. had come up with (yikes!) and I happened to notice a pot of beautiful flowers in the middle of our table.  So of course I ask the obvious, "What's this?"  all the while thinking he and Jacob went to the store and picked them up for me.  Lo and behold he says, "You didn't buy them?"  Uh, no...I didn't.... I stood there looking at him with that look that says, 'you're trying to pull one over on me, yes you really did buy those flowers for me'... but actually, he didn't.  Enter Jacob D. hearing that we were talking about the flowers, he said, "Miss Brianna brought them over for Mom."  Miss Brianna is our neighbor, a sweet young (to me) lady who blessed my day with not one, but TWO pots of gi-normous begonias-simply lovely.  So, I thank the Lord for this sweet blessing today, He always knows just when His children are in need of a little pick-me-up...   :)


  1. I so can relate. The Friday before mother's day which was the day after I found out my Dad became injured I answered the door to a delivery person. She was holding a vase of tulips. My favorite flower! I had no idea who they were from. But the card read they were from my friend Bekky on behalf of her daughter my God child for mothers day. What a wonderful gift from a friend and pick me up from God.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Jennifer! :)

  3. Isn't it amazing how one random act of kindness fills us up! I guess that's why God tells us to encourage one another daily! Because He knows we need it! Love you!! XO

  4. What a very sweet gift!!

    I am enjoying the music on your playlist. It's very peaceful.

    Mrs. White
    The Legacy of Home

  5. Thank You, Mrs. White... It was a very sweet gift indeed. :)

    I do so love reading your blog as well.

    Blessings to you~