Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week in Review and A Look Ahead...

This has been quite a week.  It seems that no matter how I try to keep a 'normal' schedule, it just doesn't happen... actually, something happens... LIFE...  The week started normally, Monday was a great day with our morning and afternoon lessons and a break for lunch.  I have to confess that those days when all I have to worry about is school, meals, and household chores are my very most place to go, no outside responsibilities, just hanging out with my guys.  Tuesday I took my older son back to the doctor to get his ears flushed out (poor kid had major issues), Wednesday it was Young People's Theatre Series day!  We'd been looking forward to this  for quite a while- the musical group Song of the Lakes performed an adaptation of H.C. Holling's Paddle to the Sea, and it was awesome!  Thursday was cleaning day at Mother's and Piano Lesson day, and Friday we took the day off in celebration of Daddy having a day off... 

So, it's Saturday and I forgot about Jacob D.'s football class at the Y...  >:(   He's so gracious and quick to forgive me for it without expressing his deep disappointment at having missed his class- he really loves it so very much.  But on the bright side, we went shopping for new shoes for the boys.  Caleb busted out of his tennies (I am amazed at how quickly he's growing!) and literally had a huge hole in the bottom of his shoe....  sigh....

Looking ahead to next week, I've scheduled a very light week for school- just the basics.  Math, Language Arts, Writing, and Reading.  Mother is having her back surgery on Thursday and I'm going to take her up to the hospital (an hour away) either the night before or that morning (depending on what time she's scheduled).  My continued dilemma is, as always, child care for the kiddos while my hubby is working.  I really don't want to take the boys to hang out in the hospital all day Thursday.  That means probably no school Thursday for the boys, and maybe Friday, too.... although I may assign them a couple of writing projects, but we'll see how the week shapes up.  I love that with homeschooling we have the flexibility to be there for our family members when they are in need of help, that with a little extra work we can keep caught up with our lesson plans.  Truthfully, I'm looking forward to a lighter schedule this week.  It will provide me with the opportunity to focus on spelling for one of my guys.  For some reason, my creative, right-brained child has a difficult time with spelling, and the traditional method of teaching spelling really doesn't work for him.  At any rate, a while ago I listened to a presentation from Diane Craft, who specializes in teaching children who have mild to severe learning glitches, dyslexia, dysgraphia, or just are right-brained enough to need to be taught differently.  She had some really great and creative ideas for teaching children things like spelling, math facts and the like which I am excited about working into our daily routine... all that to say this will be a great week for putting some  of those things together...  :)

How was your week?

Many blessings ~


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