Friday, December 23, 2011

Celebration #1

Yesterday we travelled up to see my Dad and stepmom for our Christmas celebration.  It was actually quite a fun time- even the boys said it was awesome!  Never one to be predictable, my dear Dad spent quite a lot of time with the boys teaching them to use the new bow and arrows he bought them for Christmas...and according to my dear husband, even handled Son #2's hitting his garage door with one of the arrows very well.  This is such a new side to him that I've never experienced before... there's a softness to him and a comfortableness to him that hasn't surfaced very often.  I rather like it, although now I'm faced with needing to relate to him in a totally different manner.  I was very excited to see that one of the two of them is reading 'Heaven is for Real', a book about a boy's experience of heaven.  I think I'll read it and then try to start up a conversation about it... 

On another front, we're really enjoying our time off from school, even though the busyness of life shifted its focus from school and school-related activities to Christmas and Christmas-related activities, so I'm personally really looking forward to the week before New Year's Day which is when Celebration #3 will happen, and Celebration #4 will happen one week later.... phew!

Lots of celebrating lots of fun and laughter, but in the midst of it all we'll continue to fight to keep the birth of our Lord and our Saviour at the forefront of all the celebrations...

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