Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Future Door... Review

They're Ba-aack!  In this second installment of the "No Place Like Holmes" series, "The Future Door" is a great Sherlock Holmes-style mystery that is sure to captivate the attention of Jason Lethcoe's tween-aged readers-especially the boys.  Detective and inventor Rupert Snodgrass and his young nephew Griffin Sharpe are quickly becoming the most secret and skilled detectives in all London.  Griffin's unique ability to observe even the most minute details of everything around him combined with his uncle's fabulous inventions make them an unbeatable team-- until Rupert's time travel device is stolen by the Moriartys, that is, and it will take Griffin's faith and inventive thinking as well as his uncle's mechanical genius to save London and their future selves!
   I have to say I- we - love this series!  "The Future Door" is a well written adventure-mystery with characters you love to love- like grumpy uncle Snodgrass, and his hope-filled inventive nephew with a strong faith- and those you ... well... don't.  My ten-year-old son just started reading the first installment, "No Place Like Holmes" and absolutely loves it, which is pretty good for a kid who prefers non-fiction reading.

**Disclaimer: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their Booksneeze blogger program in exchange for my honest review.



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