Tuesday, April 6, 2010


At various times during a given year, I get really restless... I mean REALLY restless. From past experience, I have learned that many of my not-so-brilliant decisions have come during this time... those decisions are... well... radical... or reckless, if you prefer... I'm wondering maybe if I blog about it, it will subside sometime soon. If not, who knows... maybe we'll end up selling/giving away all our things and moving to the remote Outback of Australia, or to some remote African village or something. So, if you haven't found us for a few days, you know where to look. :)
I'm wondering what y'all do to tame the restlessness within?


  1. Wendy, this is so cool!! i need to leave the library, but read some of your blog...how awesome!! i will read it all, when i have internet at home!! love it!!

  2. Oh, by the way, Wendy, Slackermarew is me...Chris Watrous...lol!!

  3. Thanks, Chris! So glad you clarified your identity! :)

  4. Hi Wendy,

    So nice to meet you! Yes, I've had these very thougths myself.

    God is stirring our hearts!

    Have a great week and "Happy Mother's Day!"

  5. Glad Tidings Susan! It is true, the Holy Spirit is moving! :) Thank you and may your Mother's Day be blessed as well!