Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go

So, I've been reading "Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go" by Lucille O'Neill, who happens to be the mother of famous NBA star Shaquille O'Neill.  The book was an easy read, written sort of like an extended journal entry of the author's difficult life and her journey from what she termed "mental welfare to mental health."  I have to say I was somewhat disappointed in the message Ms. O'Neill is sending to women who are keepers of the home and to those who are in less than satisfying marriages. 
To have the opportunity to have a husband, children and a home to care for is an amazing gift from the Lord, yet, the author consistently complained about how unfulfilling it all was for her - both in being a stay-at-home mother and also in her marriage.  Though I understand she was not at that time in her life seeking the Lord, I never did receive that one awesome 'God' moment, where the lightbulb went on and she sought after him with all her heart and was blessed for it.  Instead, she set out to prove her self-worth in going to college, divorcing her husband, and making it on her own... all of which she has done.

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