Saturday, November 12, 2011


Yes!  I'm so excited... my dear husband and I came up with our Christmas gift plan for our 2 boys!  Several years ago, my dh was out of work so we had to be very creative with the few gifts we gave our boys...  I have to say the Lord has blessed us with so many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ who gifted our boys that year... anyway, I digress.  That year one thing we gave to our boys was a book for each of them that I had written.  They love those books to this day and have no idea that I wrote them only because we couldn't afford to give them much else.  (For several years now we've had the opportunity to pay it forward to other needy families, and to gift our own children as well- I'm so very thankful for both of those things!)  For the past couple (at least) of years for Christmas and birthdays the boys have been asking me to write them another book, but I just haven't been all that inspired to do that- a severe case of writer's block is what I've been plagued with- on top of the fact that they aren't 3 & 5 anymore, so the story lines have to actually make a little more sense than they did all those years ago.  :)  This morning just before I got up, it hit me... the beginning and ending of one of the books I'll write this year... I even think I might, just might, try my hand at illustrating as well.  Where did this sudden burst of inspiration come from you ask?  (Or maybe you didn't ask, but I'm going to tell you anyway...) 

The Lord uses all different means of communicating to His children, you see...  So, I was reading a blog post written by one of my favorite homeschool authors, Sally Clarkson, in which she was writing about how their family had put together 'Memory Boxes' for each of their children.  In these Memory Boxes were kept favorite cards, drawings, small keepsakes, photos- anything special to that particular child.  These boxes were to represent the child's history, to tell their life stories and to be pulled out when the child was sick, or down, or whenever it would be fun for him/her to take a stroll down memory lane... and so is born the concept for the books I'm writing for our blessings from Heaven.  I'm toying with the idea of writing the stories as historical fiction... they are boys who love and desire a large dose of adventure...



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