Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Week in Review and A Look Ahead...

Looking back, it's been another amazing week...  The Lord is ever faithful and the physical evidence of His tender mercies on His children never cease to amaze me.

Your steadfast love, O LORD, extends to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the clouds. ~Psalm 36:5

I purposely scheduled a light school week for the boys, mostly because I knew that I'd be a little stressed with my Mother's surgery this week and would have some added responsibilities.  So, they had a 3-day week of Math, Writing and Language Arts, and Reading time and that's it... actually, it was good timing for a long weekend for all of us even though we're coming up on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

So that was our early part of the week.  Thursday found me unrested, but with enough energy to deliver my dear Mother to the hospital safely.  I have to admit that I was hoping to find a nook or cranny w/ a couch so I could take a nap, but that was not to be.  :(   I was very thankful to our awesome Pastors who came up and visited w/ Mother and me and prayed over her.... I just can't wait until I'm standing before the Lord and He shows me all the ways prayer impacted my life either directly or indirectly...  I ended up leaving the hospital around 4p.m. or so, after Mother was snugly tucked in her bed and ready for a would have thought I would have slept well that night, but not so... I ended up with a terrible migraine- truly I thought my head was going to explode.  Anyway, Friday morning, was a quick throw together dinner in the crock-pot for my Step-dad & his mother (who lives with them), then back up to the hospital (an hour away) to bring Mother home...  Saturday was a fun-filled day, our 8y/o had football at the Y, grocery shopping, and then a few awesome games of Settlers of Catan w/ friends.  All in all it was a good, yet very busy, week.

A look ahead...

I'm looking forward to this being a much more relaxed week... or at least 'normal' (whatever that means).  :)  Mother isn't supposed to drive for the next couple of weeks, so I offered to come and get her if she needed to head to church to get some work done (I'm really hoping she doesn't try to drive) which would probably be Wednesday...did I say 'normal'?   :)



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