Friday, November 25, 2011

Week in Review & A Look Ahead...

Well, it's been a little while since my last post, but as it's Friday evening, I thought I'd review the week and take a look ahead at the one coming up.  I've been so very blah lately... lately... actually it seems as though it's been much longer than lately... my passion, that burning fire within me has mysteriously vanished!  My passion for home educating our children, my passion for teaching/helping in children's ministry, my passion for plugging into our homeschool group and helping out, and my passion for keeping our home... all of it - gone.  However, this week has been such a relief as we've taken it mostly off from our formal lessons (except for math), and we've been able to concentrate on cleaning, baking, a couple of crafts and overall preparing for Thanksgiving and then Christmas decorating.  I'm continuing to pray that the Lord will guide me through this 'funk' that I'm in, and I will continue to serve Him faithfully and completely through it... 

Next week we're back at it full force, and we'll be studying the Names of Christ for our devotion time between now and Christmas:  Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.  We have a field trip on Tuesday morning at the Library for the kids to learn about the inner-workings of it all, Awana on Wednesday night, and cleaning and piano lessons on Thursday. 

In Him


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